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Copley, Ohio
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LAPD officers removed recording equipment from half of the LAPD cars examined - further investigation deemed ‘futile’

Los Angeles police officers tampered with voice recording equipment in dozens of patrol cars in an effort to avoid being monitored while on duty, according to records and…



A veteran Kansas City police officer who was accused of forcing two women to have sex with him was found guilty of acceding to corruption Friday.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said a jury found Jeffrey Holmes guilty of a single count of acceding to corruption and sentenced him to 15 days in jail and a fine.

Back in 2012 a prostitute told police in mid-April that Holmes raped her March 24 at an Extended Stay America near East 105th Street and Holmes Road. Court documents say Holmes showed up at her location wearing a uniform and told the woman that she was “busted for prostitution,” and attempted to handcuff her. The first woman told police Holmes gave her the impression he wanted to have sex for free and, when she refused, he forced her to. …

And by “forcing women to have sex” we mean rapeFunny how words are used to soften the blow when it’s someone in a place of power. A man using his illegitimate authority over others at threat of arrest, fines, or further violence to rape them and violate their bodies. An unforgivable abuse of power. This man is a rapist. I don’t trust a system who allows scum like him to become a “veteran officer.”

15 days in jail and a fine.